TX10KSS/NG RVR FM PLUG-IN series 2 DRIVESElenos ETG15000 15000 Watt

Elenos ETG10000 10000 Watt

Elenos ETG10000 10000 Watt
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Thanks to the concept of scalability adopted by ELENOS, common parts are used throughout therange
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Thanks to the concept of scalability adopted by ELENOS, common parts are used throughout the
range of power equipments between 5 kW and 30 kW.
State of the art components, compact size, high electrical efficiency (consumption even lower!),
excellent relationship between cost and performance, ease of installation and
maintenance are some of the main features of the family.


The TX is powered by 2 amps of 5000 W. Thanks to the combination unit and management
firmware, the TX is also working with a single module, allowing you to do maintenance to the plant
without ever interrupting the transmission.
All parameters for the two modulators and the Amplifiers are controllable via GSM or
via an Ethernet network (http and / or SNMP).


In just 32 HU rack you can have a TX 10 KW power dual driver configuration.
the air extraction is housed inside, without having to install additional auxiliary fans, just
preparing in the station only the tube for the extraction of the exhaust air. (Provided
that the air outlet is located near the TX).
This pushed a significant savings for customers of both installation time and costs


A strong point is this:
the customer who now has a license to broadcast for example with 5KW, but he expects that
in the future this will be modified and extended to 10 KW, can already choose between two options:
to buy directly an ET10000 TX given its feature to work even at lower power keeping unchanged
its performance, or even for its extreme versatility and ease to UPGRADE of this TX family, the
customer can purchase the TX 5 KW in a rack suitable to host the TX in the future from 10 KW
and buying later the UPGRADING kit.
ET 10000 can work in stand alone configuration or in N +1 configuration.


- FINAL ELENOS T10,000 (tube) Operating power: 9000W
Current Power consumption (estimated): 23 kW, annual cost: 34,000 €
Power consumption with a ET10000 (for 9 kW output): 13.5 kW, annual cost: 20,000 €
Saving: € 14,000 / year
- FINAL ELENOS T10,000 (tube) Operating power: 4000W
Current Power consumption (estimated): 12 kW, annual cost: 18,000 €
Power consumption with a ET10000 (for 4 kW of output): 6.7 kW, annual cost: 10,000 €
Saving: € 8,000 / year


  • Small size at the same power, thus:
  • Facilitated transport (smaller vehicle), thus reducing transport costs.
  • Fast installation.
  • Installation in very small locations.
  • Decreased air flow.
  • Increase in yield even if slightest ~ 3% (350W calculated with fans at maximum speed with power supply of 50 V for a average electricity of 1.5 A).
  • Quieter.
  • Less dirt.

Full control via telemetry, resulting in fast interception problems of any kind, such as:

  • Voltage.
  • Antenna system faults.
  • Internal problems apparatus (RF modules and / or power supply).


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