TX30KSS RVR 30000W Mono/MPX/Stereo Solid State TransmitterBroadcast Fm Radio Receiver Wi-Fi DAB DAB+

TX35KSS RVR 35000W Mono/MPX/Stereo Solid State Transmitter

TX35KSS RVR 35000W Mono/MPX/Stereo Solid State Transmitter
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design focus is on ultimate redundancy and is incorporated in all transmitter components

HARDWARE FEATURES: design focus is on ultimate redundancy and is incorporated in all transmitter components: power supply, exciters, power modules and cooling fans. Each module features switching mode power supply to control and stabilize power supply voltage from the power supply section and is controlled by a microprocessor board connected to the other microprocessor boards in the machine via RS485 bus. Each amplifier module provides Automatic Power Control for out put power.

POWER & QUALITY: uncompromised modular concept allows for configurations in a broad range of power ratings from 2kW up to 35 kW using top-range RVR exciters. The high power levels achieved by these transmitters are guaranteed by a new design concept adopted for the splitter and combiner sections that ensures the utmost RF efficiency and output power stability thanks to automatic gain control.

RELIABILITY & REDUNDANCY (business continuity): the high number of self-contained, independent power modules ensures the utmost business continuity. If one or more power modules should fail, the amplifier will automatically switch to limited-power operation and ensure uninterrupted transmission. In addition, the control unit - including the basic version - incorporates an integrated system for automatic and manual switching between two exciters. In the 5-kW configuration, the amplifier can be equipped with a dual power supply/rectifier module option. The two modules use the active redundancy approach. During regular operation, each module provides 60% of the power required for machine operation. If one module is unavailable or fails, the other module provides 100% of required power. Dual power supply is standard in the 10- kW configuration. In the event one of the modules fails, the transmitter switches to limited-power operation and uninterrupted operation at 60% of rated power is ensured. The amplifier can operate when the control unit is unavailable. The control unit can be temporarily replaced with an electro-mechanical interface.

USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: a wide LCD panel enables easy, intuitive set-up and monitoring of all machine operating parameters. The device also features an emergency button. When pressed, it immediately disconnects power supply to all contactors and all power parts except the exciters are instantly deactivated.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE: transmitter offers extraordinary ease of maintenance. Hot-Pluggable Technology makes it possible to remove individual modules with no need to power off the transmitter.

REMOTE CONTROL: the device comes with a powerful, complete telemetry system. RS232 port and GSM modem connectivity enables remote alarming and monitoring of all parameters from a PC. In addition, when connected to Telink RVR, the telemetry system supports the ANTLAN, BURK, LAN and SNMP communication protocols.

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